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 We carefully tested and reviewed 3,000 different cultivars of hemp to find the one that would thrive and produce the optimal ratio of cannabinoids necessary for our products before certifying it with the OECD in America. Our hemp is expertly grown free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers to protect our customers from residual contaminants in our final products.  The combines we invented were designed to cut down the hemp stalk in a very precise way—providing the highest possible concentrations of phytocannabinoids, while minimizing waste.

We chose our specific hemp cultivar because it contained a high concentration of CBD, with only trace amounts of THC (0.3% or lower) making it non-psychoactive and legal to import and distribute. Throughout its growth cycle, our team of cultivators tests our hemp to ensure its exact cannabinoid profile. Once harvested, it is extracted by industry professionals in a state-of-the-art facility using a solvent-free CO2 process before being formulated into our award winning products.


Your safety and satisfaction are paramount in every decision Natural Hemp Oil makes day to day. We take a number of important steps during our manufacturing process to ensure that the CBD hemp oil products that you and your family have come to trust are always the safest and most reliable they can be. These critical safety standards are represented by these six quality guarantee icons. Each icon reveals one of the many reasons that our award-winning CBD oil products are superior to those of our competitors, making us Your Trusted CBD Source.


We chose our unique hemp seed from among over 3000 possible cultivars due to its ideal ratio of cannabinoids and ability to thrive on our American farms. The hemp seeds we plant are all certified with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for the UK, Central European and American Markets. The OECD provides a platform to coordinate good practices and policies among member countries. Our hemp seed certification is submitted to the EU Commision in the Natural Agricultural Ministries’ report.



All of the hemp plants used in the creation of our CBD oil products are non-GMO, meaning they haven’t been genetically modified in any way. We chose our specific non-GMO hemp cultivar from among 3000 potential hemp plants due to its ability to thrive in the microclimates of our farms and its capacity to produce the optimal ratio of CBD for use in our CBD hemp oil products. Natural Hemp Oil focuses on harnessing the all-natural benefits of CBD, and that means using all-natural hemp in the creation of all our products.



Hemp plants are naturally resistant to most pests, meaning they can be grown without the use of pesticides. Because hemp is an efficient bioaccumulator, it is important to avoid using chemical pesticides that can cause residual contamination of our products. To protect our customers, we grow all of our hemp without pesticides. Our choice not to use pesticides is also the healthy option for the environment as well. Toxic pesticides sprayed on hemp plants can leach into nearby soil and water sources, negatively impacting local biological environments.



Hemp plants are known for growing very tall and in close rows, limiting the ability of weeds to establish themselves among hemp fields. Since we sow our hemp seeds close together, the shade from the fast growing hemp plants inhibit the growth of common weeds, negating the need to use herbicides. Like with pesticides, we avoid using herbicides because they can affect local biological communities or be absorbed by our hemp plants and transferred residually to our customers. For the safety of our end users and the environment as a whole, Natural Hemp Oil only cultivates hemp grown free of potentially harmful herbicides.



There are a number of potential solvents that can be used to extract CBD oil from the cannabis plant. Some companies choose to use dangerous solvents like butane in their extraction process. However, this opens the end user to residual contamination from any solvent that is left unpurged from the oil. To extract our CBD oil from our hemp crops, we use supercritical CO2 in a process that the FDA considers GRAS or “generally regarded as safe”. Because we use a non-toxic solvent, the risk of contaminating our CBD oil is removed.



Our commitment to product quality and purity has driven Natural Hemp Oil to develop the strictest testing process in our industry, the Triple Lab Tested™ standard. We use ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing labs to examine our hemp oil and assure both its safety and consistency. These labs test our hemp oil for the concentration of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa, CBG, THC, and over a half dozen others. By testing our hemp oil three times during our process, we ensure that our products are completely safe for use by you and your entire family.



We only use American grown hemp to create our CBD hemp oil products. This is because current federal laws restrict the cultivation of hemp, limiting hemp farms to pilot programs used for research purposes only. Although there a number of options for global sources of hemp, we extract our CBD oil from American grown hemp for its high quality and superior safety. Our hemp is currently grown by a group of 750 family farms in America that have generations of experience growing crops in their local microclimates, ensuring the health and viability of our hemp crops for the use in our CBD oil supplements.


It’s easy to get confused when discussing the differences between hemp and marijuana, two types of the cannabis plant. With so many unaware that hemp and marijuana are actually different varietals of cannabis, the two terms are often mistakenly applied interchangeably, despite the very distinct differences that exist between the two related plants. In this video, we explore the important distinctions between these two members of the cannabis family.


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